Mrs. Alyssa Jensick, Art

Mrs. Jensick / Art

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Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.
Bill Moyers

Who am I?

A teacher, a mother, a photographer, a seamstress, radio/podcast connoisseur, and paper enthusiast.

What Do I Do?

I share my love of the creative process, try to inspire in my students a curiosity towards life and learning, am in awe of math and science, appreciate everyday that I am here, am in a constant state of picking up toys, and try to remember to breath.

Want to talk to me about the wonders of the world?

Phone:   775-283-2800
At CMS: Rm. 60

More Stuff about me and my Class

Art Supply List: A PENCIL (really, that's it, no joke, wooden, mechanical, either one works)

I Currently Teach: 6th-8th Grade Art and have previously taught Middle School Math and Science

My Credentials: Elementary K-8 Teaching License 
                          Secondary 7-12 Art License
  K-12 TESL Endorsement