Mrs. Corrina Fallini-Jackson

Welcome to Mrs. Jackson's 6th grade Social Studies class!


Teacher Information:

Mrs. Corrina Fallini-Jackson
6th grade S.S.

Contact Information:

Main Office: 283-2800
Attendance Office: 283-2800
Classroom Phone: 283-2843


Teaching Experience: 17 Years 

Elementary Education K-8
Special Education K-12
Masters of Education
Reading Specialist 

Supplies you will need for my class:

1) Colored Pencils
2) At least 2 dry erase markers
3) A Box of #2 pencils
4) At least 2 glue sticks
5) At least 2 highlighters
6) A red ink pen
7) College ruled paper

*A classroom journal binder will be provided for you.  This binder remains in the classroom at all times.  Students who write on or damage this binder will be expected to purchase another at their own expense.