2017-18 CMS Standard Student Attire

Pants:  Plain solid black, navy, tan/khaki or blue jeans fitted at the waist.  Leggings, spandex, skin tight pants, etc. will not be allowed (discretion of CMS administration).  Skirts are not allowed.  Pants must be fitted at the waist and sit on your waist, no "sagging."  No embroidery, embellishments, bling or rips/tears on any pants!

Shorts:  Plain solid black, navy, tan'khaki or blue jeans shorts 2 inches above the knee or longer, fitted at the waist.  Solid colored, neutral (black, white, navy, or grey) leggings underneath shorts are acceptable as long as the shorts are 2 inches above the knee.

Shirt:  Blue (navy, light blue or royal blue) or white polo style shirt (long or short sleeved).  Shirt must be either a CMS logo or plain, solid, logo-free polo.  Approved spirit wear may be worn on approved days.  Shirts do not have to be tucked in, provided they present a neat appearance.

Undershirt:  Plain/solid (i.e. logo and graphic free) neutral colored (black, white, navy, or grey) shirts may be worn underneath the polo shirt.

Sweatshirt:  Plain/solid (i.e.logo and graphic free) neutral colored (black, white, navy, or grey) sweatshirt or cardigan may be worn over the approved polo shirt.  Hooded sweatshirts (must also be logo and graphic free) that fit these requirements are acceptable.  Hoods must not be up on the head while inside the building.  CMS or CHS logo sweatshirts and school approved sweatshirts are allowed.

Belt (Optional):  If a belt is worn, it must be appropriate for school.  Belts and buckles must be free of gang insignia, spikes, chains, logos, lettering, etc.  Belts must have less than 3 inch tail extending from the buckle.

Shoes:  No flip flops are allowed.  No slipper style shoes are allowed.  If sandals are worn, they must have a hard sole.  Students must wear shoes with a firm sole at all times.  All shoes requiring shoelaces must be laced and appropriately tied.

Accessories:  Scarves shall be treated as accessories if they are lightweight, decorative scarves.  Heavy, oversize, winter scarves are considered outerwear and are not permitted in the halls or classrooms.  Hats are not allowed indoors.

All clothing with the exception of school purchased clothing must be free of slogans, logos, insignia, brand names, trademarks, messages, gang insignia, wording, pictures, studs, jewels and chains.  

Any items not specifically covered by this policy shall fall in accordance with CCSD Regulations 519.7 and 518.8 and are subject to the review of the administration.

Students in violation of the uniform policy will be referred to CMS administration for disciplinary action.  All violations will be documented in the student's disciplinary file and parents will be notified.  Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken with habitual offenders, as it becomes an issue of insubordination.  If you have any questions regarding the uniform policy please contact the school at 283-2800.

Dress Down Expectations

Throughout the school year students may have the opportunity to earn a Dress Down pass or a school-wide reward to dress down. Students must abide by the following dress guidelines if they earn the opportunity to dress down:

A. Pants or shorts should be fitted at the waist and free of holes. Leggings, spandex, skin tight pants, etc. will not be allowed (discretion of CMS administration).  No embroider, embellishments, bling or rips/tears on any pants!

B. Modest shorts are to be worn so that the bottoms of the shorts are no shorter than 2 inches from the top of the kneecap.

C. Hats, caps, bandannas, slippers, pajama tops and bottoms are not allowed.

D. Halter tops, tube tops, see-through shirts are not allowed. Girls must wear modest tops. Bare midriffs are not allowed. Low-cut tops are not allowed. Sleeveless shirts must have straps at least 2 inches wide and sit on top of the shoulder. If the midriff shows at all when you move, the garment cannot be worn to school. Tops should be able to be tucked in if need be.

E. Boys are not allowed to wear tank tops or shirts with torn-out sleeves.

F. Clothing with profane symbols, pictures, or gestures are not allowed.

G. Clothing advertising alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, racism, death, violence, or gang insignia are not allowed.

H. Skirts and dresses are not approved for dress down days, but may be allowed for special events (i.e. 8th grade promotion, Junior Honor Society Induction, etc.). Special events will each follow a special dress code, which will be communicated to students and parents/guardians prior to the event.

I. Students who do not dress in accordance with the Carson City Middle School Dress Code will be asked to change into appropriate clothing to remain at school. If the student did not bring an extra pair of clothing, the student can find an appropriate item in the office or contact parents to bring a change of clothes. Students that fail to follow the Dress Down Expectations will lose the opportunity to participate in future dress down activities.  Administration shall retain authority to grant exceptions to the dress code.