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APRIL 2018

Parents and Guardians of CMS,

By now, most of our students have been given registration packets for next year’s classes.  If you haven’t seen them yet, they will soon grace your dining room tables. We are offering a well-rounded selection of classes that are detailed in the registration packets. Discuss the options with your children and encourage them to return their registration forms as soon as possible. Students will be completing their registration online at the end of the month. If you have any questions/concerns you can contact your child’s counselor or attend the next Coffee with the Counselors on April 19th.


Coffee with the Counselors

Got a question about next year’s school schedule, registration, or something else related to CMS? Have we got answers for you! Rather than schedule a guest speaker this month, all three counselors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have related to upcoming testing, end-of-year activities, changes taking place next year, or any other subject that needs clarification.  Even if you don’t have any question consider attending; a question may be asked and answered that you haven’t yet considered.   

You can always check out the latest coffee with the counselors on our YouTube page! 



Our Block is Going Modified

This year at CMS classes were managed under a block schedule format with students meeting with teachers every other day – with the exception of a daily encore class. Next year, we will be switching to a modified block format. Three days each week (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday) students will attend all 7 classes with lunch provided during one of two scheduled times in the middle of the day. On Wednesday, students will attend periods 1 through 4 in a block format which allows more time for hands-on, in-depth instruction. On Thursdays, students will attend periods 5 through 7 in a block format. Students will no longer have a daily encore class; instead, they will attend encore after 7th period on Thursdays. In this once-a-week, longer format, encore teachers will be able to spend more time teaching SEL (social, emotional learning) lessons, and working with students on grade checks, goal setting, and grade improvement. This new schedule is likely to be somewhat confusing the first week or two but we believe it will not take students too long to adapt. In some ways this schedule will be less confusing: When students miss school due to absences or a school break, they won’t have to figure out if they are returning to an A, B or C day; they will know which classes to go to depending on the day of the week.

This new schedule was selected by school administrators and staff after months of careful study and deliberation, and it was deemed one of the best in regards to meeting the needs of students and staff. The one piece that won’t change is the beginning and end times. Like this year, school will begin at 7:45 and end at 2:30 (with the exception of early release dates.


Upcoming Events

April 16

MAP testing begins

7th & 8th grade track at CMS

April 19

6th grade track at CMS

April 23

Professional development

No school

April 30

Math Family Night






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