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January 2019

Coffee with the Counselors

What is the most dreaded four-letter word in the English language? TEST. Even the most confident student has experienced some level of test taking anxiety, whether it be as minor as a momentary mental block to as serious as a full-blown panic attack. This month’s Coffee with the Counselors will provide parents with tips on how to support students in preparing for tests both large and small. So whether it’s a high-stakes, standardized test, or an end-of-unit course exam, we’ll provide strategies to help students have a confident and successful test-taking experience.


Why attendance matters

According to federal standards, a student who misses 18 or more days per year is considered chronically absent.  That’s only 9 days per semester or less than 2 days per month. At the elementary and middle school level, students who are chronically absent experience gaps in their learning that make it difficult to make academic progress. They may also struggle with making connections with their peers and teachers. Students who suffer from anxiety actually exacerbate the situation when they avoid school; through regular attendance, they can build confidence and reduce anxiety through daily successes. Students who are chronically absent have an effect on their classmates as well. When a teacher has to review material for students who have missed instruction, students who already know the material may lose interest and find other, less acceptable ways, to use their time.

At the high school level, students who miss 9 or more days per semester (without a doctor’s note) does not earn credit for their classes putting them at great risk of dropping out or simply not graduating.  Research has shown that students who dropped out of high school had significantly higher absenteeism rates than their peers as early as kindergarten and first grade. The National Center for Education Statistics points out that “teacher effectiveness is the strongest school-related determinant of student success but chronic student absence reduces even the best teacher’s ability to provide learning opportunities.” 

Student led conferences

Image result for student led conferencesThis month during encore students will be working on their student Led conference. This is an opportunity for your child to showcase their work with you! Students will go over their learning styles, strengths and weakness in each class. 7th and 8th graders will explore college and career pathways. They will also be going over their MAP and SBAC scores with you. We hope to see you and you child at Student Led Conferences on February 4th. Look for your invitation in the mail!

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February 4

Student Led Conferences

February 5- February 22
Penny War

Blackout Day & Assembly
Parent Night in cafeteria at 7:00 PM - Cell phones and social media

February 12
School Board Meeting 7:00 PM at Community Center

February 13
Parent Engagement Night - 5:30 PM with Sara Jennings

No School Holiday

February 19
PTA Meeting 3:30 PM in Library 

February 20
Coffee with the Counselors
Speaker: Tori Smith
Topic: Social Emotional Learning at CMS

February 22
Chili Bingo fundraiser for Band - after school in cafeteria 

February 25
Early Release Day: Student's dismissed at 1:20 pm

February 26
School Board Meeting 7:00 PM at Community Center

February 28

S Tours for 8th Graders
Career Expo CMS Library 
7th grade Regular Math Parent Night 6:00 PM