Carson Middle School will create a culture of shared responsibility to engage, empower, and inspire successful lifelong learners.


All students and teachers deserve a chance to work and learn in a safe and respectful environment.

All students deserve to be challenged in a way that empowers them to take control of their own learning.

All staff, students, and family members hold stake in the educational process through shared responsibility.

All students are capable of learning.

High expectations for learning are reasonable to ensure academic success.

Every challenge is a learning moment and an opportunity for re-teaching.

New Bell Schedule starting March 23, 2021

Bell Schedule

Edgenuity Help - Tips sheet
Dear Parents and Guardians,
We are excited to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year!  We all know it is going to be a unique learning environment but we are excited to welcome our students and families back to Carson Middle School. At Carson Middle School we are committed to achieving one grade level of growth in math and science this year for every student. Instruction will occur either through a full distance learning model or combination of in person teaching in conjunction with distance learning. Either way, our staff is committed to giving your student access to a rigorous curriculum in a safe environment. Our focus for the majority of the first week will be developing and renewing our relationships with students while providing them an understanding of the new procedures for the school year. In addition, students will learn about their teachers and what they expect of them as learners. Students will also review the expectations of accessing learning when not physically in attendance at school.
To ensure our school is as safe as possible for students and staff.  Each day we will all begin by performing the self screener at home to determine if they should attend school.  While on campus all students and staff members will wear a mask.  As outlined below, we have made changes to the traffic flow in the halls and the procedures for before school and during lunch to provide more space for distancing.  

     You should now be able to see your student's schedule in Infinite Campus. If you do not have your Infinite campus login information please contact Nendi De Santiago Casteneda at 283-2806. Once you have logged in you can check your student's classes. You should have received a phone call from your student’s Encore teacher letting you know which Cohort you student is in. If students are in Cohort 1 they will come to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If students are in Cohort 2 they will attend school on Wednesday and Friday. If you do not know which Cohort your student is in, please call the CMS office at 283-2800 for assistance. All Mondays are scheduled to be digital learning days and all students will be working remotely. For students, Mondays will consist of an Encore Class from 8:30-9:00 and then optional tutoring will be in all core subject areas from 9:15-11:00. Schedules and meeting details will be provided to students.

The First Week:
     The school year will begin on Monday, August 24th for all students. Students will be asked to join an Encore Google Classroom. Once students are in the class they will find a link to a Zoom meeting that will begin at 8:30am. Students must attend the zoom meeting to meet their teacher and get instructions for the next several days. Your student’s Encore teacher should have shared a code to join a Google Classroom for Monday. If you do not have the code to join the Encore Google Classroom, please call the office at 283-2800 for assistance.
     If your student is in Cohort 1 they will come to school on Tuesday morning.  The first bell rings at 7:40am and students will report to their Encore as their first class for both of their in person days this week.  Students will then attend periods 1-6 with a lunch in between.  On Wednesday Cohort 1 students will be learning from home but they must log in to Infinite Campus and "check in" to verify their attendance.  Instructions will be provided in Encore.  

     If your student is in Cohort 2 they will learn from home on Tuesday. They must log in to Infinite Campus to "check in" to verify their attendance. Students will be taught how to do this in their Encore class on Monday. After checking in, students should look for emails either in their student email account or in your parent/guardian email to get their join codes for the various Google Classrooms. This will be a day with light assignments which will not need to be completed by the end of the day. If you do not receive the classroom codes for whatever reason, please do not worry, we will get caught up in person on Wednesday and make sure all students have access to the correct online classes. On Wednesday, August 26th our Cohort 2 students will come to school with the bell ringing at 7:40am. 

     If your student is a full time Distance Learning student they will begin work on Tuesday.  Students must go to and click on the login button.  On the next screen – choose student and log in using your student ID number.  If you do not know your student ID number, you will find it in Infinite Campus.  Your password is set to a generic password for the first time logging in and will need to be changed after your first login.  The generic password is (case sensitive):  P@$$word

     After logging in to Edgenuity students should see their course enrollments for math, English, science and social studies. We are excited that we will be able to offer elective options for our distance learning students after the second week of school. Information will be shared with you through your Edgenuity portal during the second week of school. All distance learning students must use Infinite Campus to check in to meet their attendance requirements every day. 

Arrival and Dismissal: 
     Transportation will continue to be provided to students but on a limited basis.  Due to the social distancing expectations the busses will not be able to carry as many students.  All students riding buses are required to wear a mask, sit in assigned seats, and maintain social distancing.  The routes with times and locations are published on the district website and can be accessed by clicking here.    If students will be dropped off in the morning or will be walking, we are asking that students arrive at between 7:15 and 7:30 am. 

Student Drop Off: Due to the limited capacity of our busses and the increased need for parents to bring students to school we have added an additional drop off location on Ormsby Blvd. If you utilize this location students may enter the school grounds through the two gates located by the track. This is an effort to decrease the traffic congestion in the front circular drive. Please note that you may pull to the East side of Ormsby Blvd. for drop off in the parking lane, but students may not be dropped off on the West side unless using the crosswalk on King Street. We want our students and families to be safe so please do not make a U-turn on Ormsby Blvd. to turn around. In addition, please note that the speed limit on Ormsby Blvd. is 25mph and is not marked as a school zone. Please be cautious of other drivers and students. Lastly, please do not drive in the CMS/CCSD parking lot driveway under the solar panels as this is reserved for our busses and employees. 

Arriving on Campus: As students arrive on campus in the morning they will be allowed to spend time in the greenbelt area, in the commons area or on the back field if they are not eating. Only students who are eating will be allowed inside the cafeteria. 

Dismissal: At the end of the day, students will dismiss directly to the front or back of the school.
Students riding a bus will directly board their bus and sit in their assigned seat. 

*Students that are walking will head directly home. 

*Students being picked up will wait in the front circular driveway or at the back of the school on Ormsby Blvd.
Duty teachers will monitor that students continue to wear their masks and maintain social distancing. At dismissal, all available exits will be used to minimize numbers in any particular area. 

Breakfast and Lunch:
  • Breakfast:  Solons wishing to eat breakfast will arrive on campus and go to the cafeteria to eat.  While in the cafeteria it is important for students to remember to sit in every other seat. 
  • Lunch:  Our daily lunch period is 30 minutes long with a 5-minute passing to return to class.  Students will eat their lunch in designated areas including the green belt, the commons or the cafeteria.  When they are finished eating, students will be released to outdoor activity while maintaining social distance.  All students will be seated in every other seat.  Outside activities will be limited with no games of tag or any sports involving a ball.  
  • Take home meals:  On the days that students are on campus they will notify their 1st period teacher if they would like breakfast and lunch to take home for their distance learning days.  The take home meals will be distributed by the end of the school day. 
  • All meals will be rung up according to each student's status (pay, reduced or free).  If you have any questions please contact Nutrition Services at 775-283-2150. If you need to update your meal application you will find more information here.

     Students will not be assigned lockers (academic or PE).  Students may carry backpacks with them to their classes. 

Family/Community Access to Building:
     Parents and families are encouraged to call the school at 775-283-2800 prior to entering the school.  Most requests and situations can be successfully addressed over the phone.  It is our goal to limit the number of non-staff or student entrances into the building.  All visitors must wear a mask and will be limited to the front foyer or main door entrance.  This is to limit the potential exposure in the building and keep our students and staff as safe as possible. 

Inside School Logistics 
  • One-Way Traffic Routes - When students enter the building, they will need to maintain social distancing (they will not be able to congregate in any area) and proceed directly to their class.  There are social distancing and directional arrows showing students how to travel in all areas.  Staff will be on duty during all passing times to help students with maintaining the one-way traffic flow throughout the building.  When possible doors will be propped open into rooms and learning spaces, limiting the need for students to touch knobs or hold doors open.  Students need to follow traffic patterns, use doors marked for entry and exit, and follow directions of staff.   
  • Switching Classes:  Students will attend/pass to all of their classes each day. They will need to follow the end of class directions and wait to be dismissed from class.  Once they are released, they will make their way to their next class.  One-way traffic patterns are clearly marked in all wings of the building.  
  • Restrooms:  Restroom use will happen during class time.  Each teacher/classroom will have an assigned restroom area. Teachers will have passes for students to fill out if they need to leave the room for any reason.  Only 1 student will be permitted to leave the room at any time.   
  • Hand Washing:  Handwashing will be encouraged throughout the day.   
Classroom Logistics 
  • Seating:  Each classroom is equipped with 17-20 desks and chairs.  Each student will be assigned a seat.   
  • Supplies:  Each student maintains the supplies they will use in class.  Additional supplies will be provided as needed to individuals, but there will be no shared supplies that are not sanitized between use.  
  • Class Dismissal:  At the end of each class period every desktop will be cleaned (by the teacher, not by students).  Students will stand on the perimeter of the room as the teacher sanitizes and wait to be dismissed from class.  Students entering the class will enter the room and take their seat. Teachers will set procedures for a bell-ringer exercise while students in their assigned seat.  
Parent Square:
The district has purchased a new program called Parent Square to use as a communication hub.  Please review the information located here to learn more about how it works.  

Please remember to complete your online updates in Infinite Campus so we have the most current information for your student.

Thank you and we are looking forward to a great school year!

*************************************************************************** Registration for New Students
(updated 7-27-2020)
The office will be open from 8:00am-2:30pm starting August 6, 2020 by appointment only. Please call 283-2800 to schedule a time.
Please have all documents ready before appointment.
*Infinite Campus Registration completed online
*Birth Certificate
*Immunization Records
*Proof of Residence (ie: utility bill, lease agreement)

New Students to CMS 2020/2021 School Year
**If you have a student who will be new to Carson Middle School for the 2020/2021 school year, you can get a tour of the school by using the link below.   

Principal Message

On behalf the entire Carson Middle School community, I’d like to welcome you to our website! 

Carson Middle School, “Home of the Solons,” is one of two middle schools in the Carson City School District, located in Carson City, Nevada.  Our vision is to create a culture of shared responsibility to engage, empower, and inspire successful lifelong learners!  To fulfill that vision we offer a rigorous and challenging academic program in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment that recognizes and supports the unique needs of young adolescent learners.  At CMS, each and every student is a valued member of our school community.  Through the support of the Race to the Top District (RTT-D) Federal Grant our school community has created, developed, and implemented a student-centered learning system that is focused on personalizing the learning experience for all students.  Our students had a 95% overall pass rate during the 2015-2016 school year – a result of the ongoing collaboration between teachers, parents, administrators, students, and community members.  In addition to academic achievement and growth, an essential component of a child’s educational experience is social, emotional, and physical development.  We hope to assist each student in developing an enthusiasm for learning that includes happiness, a positive self-image, and an inquisitive nature.  All of our students are equipped with Google Chromebook laptops and a variety of 21st century classroom technological tools that assist in creating and supporting an innovative learning experience. 

At CMS we believe:

·         All students are capable of learning.

·         All students and teachers deserve a chance to work and learn in a safe and respectful environment.

·         All students deserve to be challenged in a way that empowers them to take control of their own learning.

·         All staff, students, and family members hold stake in the educational process through shared responsibility.

·         High expectations for learning are reasonable to ensure academic success.

·         Every challenge is a learning moment and an opportunity for re-teaching.

Whether you are a student, parent, community member, or considering a move to our district, I hope you find this website resourceful, relevant, and useful.  I encourage you to contact an administrative team member to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus.  If you have any questions about Carson Middle School, please do not hesitate to call or e mail me.  Thanks for stopping by!



Dan Sadler, Principal

Carson Middle School

The Carson City School District does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability and age, and it provides equal access to the Boy Scouts of America and other designated youth groups.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the District's  non-discrimination policies: Title IX and 504 Coordinator, 1402 W. King Street, Carson City, NV 89703, (775) 283-2130.